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Providing turnkey solutions for creating and administering IDFs. 


About Accel

The principals of Accel Fund Services have created or drafted documents for over 100 insurance dedicated funds.  We have also created 20 limited partnership hedge funds and 45 mutual funds. IDFs invested through private placement insurance typically require significant time and financial commitment to start up and operate. 

Accel has solved this issue by providing a turnkey, cost-efficient means of starting and operating IDFs, including creating all required documents necessary to bring an IDF to market. We also provide ongoing oversight to ensure keeping the IDF in regulatory and insurance company compliance. 

The result is a customized proprietary fund, in your name, that you manage that provides an additional tool for increasing assets under management.


Why IDFs?

Investors want to keep what they make, however when hedge funds and private equity funds generate big returns, their investors have to pay as much as 39.6% in federal income taxes on their gains.

Insurance Dedicated Funds (IDF) provide hedge funds, private equity firms, family offices and high net worth investors with a tax advantaged version of their investment vehicle. IDFs  enhance returns by providing tax deferred or tax free performance growth while also eliminating K1s. ​

Quite simply, similar to investor’s tax benefits currently attained when investing with investment managers via an IRA custodian, these benefits are also achieved via an insurance company contract that is managed in your IDF that we create and oversee. This enables investors to keep what they have made.

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