Benefits to IDF Portfolio Managers:

  •  You focus on running money while Accel manages the IDF
  • Low cost, turnkey solutions provide a tax efficient “version” of fund or strategy
  • Stand out from other Managers by offering a 100% tax deferred or tax free fund
  • As simple as managing an additional SMA
  • Ability to offer your fund or strategy “Taxable, Tax Deferred, or Tax Free”
  • Investments are considered "sticky money" and are typically the last assets touched

Benefits to Investors:

  •  Assets Grow 100% Tax Deferred or Tax Free
  • Ability to make unlimited contributions
  • Provides financial privacy
  • Provides creditor and asset protection
  • In situations, tax free borrowing of the assets
  • Elimination of K-1s
  • “UBTI Blocker”
  • Eliminates Effectively Connected Income (ECI) for foreign investors

Increasing Tax Alpha
Investing  in tax inefficient fund strategies through insurance dedicated funds  defers short term capital gains and ordinary income taxes

Charitable Giving
Private  Placement Variable Annuities defer paying taxes on investment gains while retaining full ownership and control of the assets and the ability  to change the named beneficiary at any time. This increases the amount ultimately given to charity. 

While  investments in Insurance Dedicated Funds are considered “sticky assets”, investors came make additional deposits or withdrawals at any time just as they would with any other limited  partnership investment.

Lower Fees
Because  the investor does not have to pay for income and principal guarantees,  Private Placement Insurance Products have significantly lower fees than  traditional retail variable annuities and variable life insurance.  

State Tax Arbitrage
Investors  that intend to withdrawal their IDF investment in a lower tax bracket  state than where they made deposits, can defer their taxes until they do  so.

Accel Fund Management

Accel Fund Management, an Accel affiliate company, provides investment platforms for high net worth individuals, family offices, insurance companies and financial professionals. 

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